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Exhibition Team

Exhibition is a synchronized drill with a twist. Unlike regular drill, with all those rules and movements, exhibition has no rules; you can change anything and everything. If you wanted to wear your uniform a different way, such as a bandana on your head, you could. You could do break dancing in the middle of your presentation if you wanted to!

Of course, exhibition can get really dangerous, because you are throwing around weapons in the air and between people (depending what your act is). Most people do end up cutting themselves because they catch the weapon the wrong way or it hits them on the head. You could also break bones; last year a cadet of a different school broke his nose and chin during an exhibition meet because he didn’t catch his weapon right.

Exhibition is very hard, and involves a lot of time and practice. If you are one of those people who like to mess around, then you would definitely not be welcome on the exhibition team because you could easily get hurt or hurt someone around you.