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Honor Guard

The Honor Guard is very important in the Nokomis JROTC. The Honor Guard is in charge of raising and lowering the Colors (flags) each school day. It is a privilege to be a part of the Honor Guard, and if you mess around too much or you grades start to slip too far, you are cut from the team. Once cut from the team, it is very difficult to be chosen again. Each year in late October/early November, the Seniors on the Honor Guard “retire” from the team and a new bunch of cadets fill in for them.

On POW/MIA (Prisoners Of War/Missing In Action) day, the Nokomis Honor Guard asks people from the Veterans of Foreign Wars chapter to come and stand with them while guarding the Colors outside, rain or shine. Right next to the flag pole is a display of flowers and a board with names on it representing the soldiers that are still MIA. Throughout the school day, the Honor Guard and the VFW members take shifts guarding the Colors; 2 Honor Guard members (each with a weapon) and 1 veteran total.

The Nokomis Honor Guard is asked last many times through the year to preform for many organizations. with this said to be asked to join the Honor Guard is an honor, not a right. So strive to be the best and good things come to you in the Nokomis JROTC.