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Information for Parents

Dear Parent or Guardian:

This page has been prepared to point out key issues about the JROTC program at Nokomis Regional High.

  1. It should be clearly understood that the purpose of JROTC is not to recruit students for military service. Our mission is to motivate young  people to be better citizen.
  2. Your student has been issued a Nokomis JROTC Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) that details the program and the extracurricular activities open to all cadets in good standing. It is important to remember that cadets who are not maintain their grades are not eligible for extracurricular JROTC activities, just as they would not be eligible for sports or other extracurricular activities. WE STRESS ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT.
  3. An important part of the JROTC program is to foster a sense of responsibility in all cadets. By regulation cadets are required to wear their uniform once a week. This requirement is not negotiable. Cadets are expected to wear their uniform once a week. If they remove their uniform during the day without permission, this will be treated as if they did not wear it at all. Uniform days are either Tuesday or Wednesday depending on the (A or B) that your student has class, with the exception of the third week of the month which the uniform will be worn on Thursday, or the day of the Battalion Formation, cadet will be told if the date is different . This requirement is not negotiable. Cadet’s are expected to wear their uniform properly and to keep the uniform clean throughout the year. All uniform items required for cadets to have will be issued at no cost to the cadets/ family. Except as noted below: 

a. If a uniform item or footwear has been outgrown, we will replace it, or pay for alterations.

b. If the cadet destroys or misplace any part of the uniform except for an accident the cadet must pay for the item.

c. All cadets are required to pay $11.00 before their uniform will be issued. This is to cover the final dry cleaning at the end of the year, or when the cadet leaves the program.

4. Cadets are held accountable for their actions. We do have a merit-demerit system that affects individual grades. Cadets who fail to wear their uniform will be graded according to the syllabus. Repeat violators will earn additional demerits. Normally, after  second failure to wear the uniform during the semester I will contact the parent/guardian of the offending cadet. On the third violation, I will normally seek involuntary removal from the JROTC program.

5. The third Thursday of each month cadets are required to  stay after school for Battalion Formation. This is a grade for the cadet. That is the only time cadets must stay after for the JROTC.

6. Please contact me or First  Sergent McKim @ 368-5239 or 4354 ext 510 if you have any questions.



Fred E. Umphrey

Col, US Army (RET)

Senior Army Insructor