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Merit/Demerit System


50 Demerits will suspended you (from JROTC activities, teams, Cadet is not eligible for promotion.
The corps uses (75) merits at the beginning of each quarter, these merits will be applied to the OML, which is the ranking in the Corps.

Also, even though you may have acquired enough demerits to be suspended from JROTC activities or be ineligible for a promotion; you may regain your eligibility privileges by earning merits.

For example, if you have reached (50) demerits and have been suspended, from all JROTC activates you,
may receive merits and be eligible for participation in these activities again.

To all cadets who may issue merits. You can not issue demerits with out the signature of the SAI/AI.

If you feel that a cadet deserves merits/demerits, obtain a merit/demerit slip from the JROTC office: A full explanation, to be written on the form, must be submitted by you, to the cadet’s chain of command to which the cadet belongs. From they’re to the: SAI Al, must sign the slip in order for the demerits to be considered for issuing to the cadet.

Merits / Demerits

Merits are awarded to those cadets who exhibit a great deal of honor, leadership ability, bearing, and integrity. Some of the ways for a cadet to receive merits are:

Outstanding Uniform/Appearance (l Merit each)

  • Shined shoes
  • Shined brass
  • Dry cleaned and ironed uniform!
  • Proper grooming

Outstanding Performance In Battalion Formation and school (5 Merit each)

  • Motivated
  • Dedicated
  • When teachers in the school recognize you for school support.
  • Outstanding leadership/follower ship
  • Above average accomplishment of a challenging task (a cadet who accepts the responsibility of any task, and completes it at an above average level; e.g. an outstanding job as an acting platoon sergeant).

Listed Below are areas You Can Earn Merits in:

  • Police Call (5)
  • Community Service (Not to exceed 10)
  • Classroom/Office Cleaning (Not to exceed 5)
  • Taking out the trash (2)
  • Fundraising (5)


*** Outstanding Cadets Will Receive Merits-

NCO/Officers are permitted to use their discretion in issuing merits. In addition, if there is an outstanding deed that a cadet should receive merits for, but the deed is
Not acknowledged on this policy, the issuing NCO/Officer is authorized to give merits, but to exceed 5 merits.

All merits will have a written explanation of why the cadet should receive merits for the them to be valid. (Remember that all merit’s and demerit’s must go through the cadet’s chain of command before they are seen by the SAI or AI. If SAI or AI has not signed or the cadet has not signed, the slip will be destroyed)