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Raider Team

The Raider Team is one of four varsity letter sports in JROTC. This team practices all year for one major Competition “The Raider Challenge.”

The number of members on the team is unlimited. However, only the top ten-team go to the Raider Challenge.
The Raider Challenge is comprised of four events, which run from 6:00 AM to about 4:00 pm on one Saturday. The Raider Team competes against other Teams from the Northern New England area.

On the Raider Team you will learn what it feels like to work as a team. You will also push yourself to become better than you ever have been. You must understand the training is tough and will set you apart from all others in the corps.

The four events in the Raider Challenge are:

  • APFT (individual effort)
  • Sit-ups
  • Push-ups
  • Two-Mile Run
  • One Rope Bridge Competition
  • Land Navigation
  • Five K (Kilometer) Run
  • With the start of this new year raiders have changed. First the 5KM is ran with 35 pounds in a ruck sack, also the litter carry with 90 pounds on it and ruck sack’s on your back. The team must have 4 females and 6 males to compete.

As with all teams cadets cannot be failing any classes, or have more then 50 demerits within a quarter.

A Black Cord and the raider tab, which is worn on the ACU, and dress uniform, identify raider Members.