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In JROTC, you earn your way to the top, just like in the military. When you first start out, you are a PV1, or Private with no rank; this just means that you don’t wear any shoulder pads on your uniform displaying your rank. The highest rank is Colonel, but only the retiring Battalion Commander receives that rank.


The highest position in JROTC is Battalion Commander. The Battalion Commander is in charge of the whole Battalion. The next highest position is the Executive Officer. The XO is in charge of the operations a functions of the Battalion Staff. Next is the Command Sergeant Major (CSM). The CSM is in charge of all of the Non-Commissioned Officers, and the welfare and conduct of all listed cadets. After the Top Three comes the headquarters, which includes the Top Three and the Staff. After them is the Company Commanders.

Interactive Rank Chart

Learning the ranks, can be difficult. This interactive chart acts like a set of flash cards. When you think you know the answer, simply move your cursor over the rank and the answer will appear. Once you think you have them down, click the “shuffle ranks” button and try again. Good Luck!

  • Cdt. Private – E2

    No Insignia – Private E1

  • Cdt. Private First Class- E3

  • Cdt. Corporal – E4

  • Cdt. Sergeant – E5

  • Cdt. Staff Sergeant – E6

  • Cdt. Sergeant First Class – E7

  • Cdt. Master Sergeant – E8

  • Cdt. First Sergeant – E8

  • Cdt. Sergeant Major – E9

  • Cdt. Command Sergeant Major – E9

  • Cdt. Second Lieutenant – O1

  • Cdt. First Lieutenant – O2

  • Cdt. Captain – O3

  • Cdt. Major – O4

  • Cdt. Lieutenant Colonel – O5

  • Cdt. Colonel – O6