Nokomis JROTC - 266 Williams Rd. - Newport, ME 04953 - Phone 207-368-4352 - Fax 207-368-3283


The Class

The JROTC class is a college preparatory course that grants 1 credit point for every LET level completed. JROTC classes meet 2 or 3 days a week.

Each cadet is graded on:

    • Daily Grade/Class Participation
    • Homework
    • Tests/Quizzes
    • Oral/Written Presentations
    • Uniform Wear/Appearance
    • Leadership Lab Participation


Battalion & Company Formations

Every cadet is required to attend all Battalion and Company formations. If the cadet has another activity scheduled for the same time period as the Battalion or Company formations, the cadet must notify the Chain of Command in advance to make arrangements. Not making prior arrangements could result in the cadet receiving demerits or a zero if it is the Battalion Formation.

Military Ball

The Military Ball is one of the few events during the year that all cadets are encouraged to attend . Parents and family will also receive an invitation. The cost every year runs about $10.00 per person. The cadet will need a white shirt and bow-tie, the cadet can buy the bow-tie through the JROTC for $2.00. Female cadets will only need a white shirt.