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Responsibility of Cadet

Promotions are based on how well the cadet performs in and out of JROTC. Meaning that each individual cadet is evaluated on his/her attitude, participation, and performance in and out of the classroom, to include Leadership Labs, and the wearing of the uniform. Additionally there is a review of the cadet files for merits/demerits, and grades in school, remember we support your education.

All Cadet officers and non-commissioned officers are responsible to each other, SAI, and the AI for the following:

  • Set the example for all cadets by holding them selves to a high standard of integrity, professional knowledge, conduct and courtesy, and personal appearance. Also the teaching and developing of good character, and good citizenship to all subordinate cadets.
  • The first thing to think about is you have to make sure you are right first.
  • Make on the spot corrections of violations. Remember you must first be right!
  • Take initiative to ensure things are done right and in a timely manner.
  • Plan ahead, prepare, conducts training of cadets with enthusiasm. Remember the feelings of the young people you are dealing with.
  • Make training interesting and productive.
  • Remember that perfect practice makes perfect. Practice only wastes time.
  • Keep other cadets within your chain of command informed on what is going on, and why.
  • Delegate duties and functions to subordinate cadets. Insure every task is understood, supervised, and accomplished. Praise cadets in front of others. And only critique in private, thinking of the feelings of the other cadet.
  • Promote with enthusiasm school and community pride.
  • Give every cadet the chance to excel in the Corps, and school.

Leaders Responsibilities


  • Overall control and supervision of the Battalion.
  • Approves all job assignments and/or relief from job assignments, above the grade of Staff Sergeant
  • Approves promotions and demotions for grades above Staff Sergeant. Approves all awards.
  • Schedules and presides over staff and/or Commanders conferences.
  • Works with the staff from the school in coordinating activities of the Battalion
  • Accomplishes additional duties as directed by the SAI/AI.
  • Uses the Directing style of Leadership primarily.


  • Assumes Command of the Battalion in the absence of the Battalion Commander.
  • Recommends job assignments and/or relief from job for staff personnel.
  • Places a notification in the class room when jobs for the staff are vacant. Holds interviews with cadet who have signed up for those positions.
  • Serves as adviser to the Battalion commander on policy’s and plans for the Battalion.
  • Inspects work of the staff and informs the Battalion Commander.
  • Ensures that five paragraph OP order is done for all events, and AAR’s are complete before sent to the S-3
  • Directs assignments, and supervises all staff personnel in their duties.
  • Inspects staff in preparation for inspections as directed by the Battalion Commander, AI, and SAI.


  • The senior non-commissioned officer within the Corps.
  • Acts in the name of the Commander when dealing with other non-commissioned officers.
  • He/She is the Battalion Commanders adviser on enlisted personnel affairs.
  • Senior trainer for the Battalion working with the Army Instructor.
  • Is responsible for ensuring all non-commissioned officer are trained in their jobs.
  • Performs other duties as directed by the Battalion Commander, SAI, and AI.


  • Responsible for all correspondence for the Battalion.
  • Responsible for the assignment of all cadets in the Battalion.
  • Publishes all orders pertaining to the Battalion.
  • Maintains all personnel records for cadets in the Corps.
  • Records all demerits/merits for cadets in the Corps.
  • Issues all orders for awards, promotions, and demotions.
  • Records and types all staff call notes.


  • Maintains all sensitive items to include weapons,compasses, and all serial numbered items in the Battalion
  • Does by-weekly inventory of all weapons, and other sensitive items belonging to the Corps.
  • Responsible for insuring that all sensitive items are secure.
  • Issues all weapons to special teams.
  • Performs all other duties as directed by the Battalion XO, Battalion Commander, AI, and SAI.


  • Responsible for the upkeep of the long-range calendar.
  • Ensures that the end of year report is kept up to date.
  • Responsible for the typing of the weekly training schedule.
  • Responsible to secure training areas for the battalion.
  • Responsible to post all training to the web site.


  • Responsible to the Army Instructor for issuing, receiving, and inventory of uniforms and supplies.
  • Responsible for the safety and security of all cadet-clothing records.
  • Responsible for the over-all cleanliness and neatness of the supply room.
  • Responsible to report all loss of supply’s to the AI.


  • Responsible for all publicity.
  • Responsible for the up keep of the staff board in the classroom.
  • Responsible for the JROTC bulletin board in the main hall of the school. To be changed at the instruction of the Battalion Commander, or XO.
  • Responsible for the up keep of the scrapbook and the history of the Nokomis JROTC Corps.


  • Responsible to the Battalion Commander for the training, discipline, and appearance of his/her company.
  • Responsible for the successful completion of 4 community service projects per year.
  • Insures that all events completed by his/her Company are reported to the S-3 to be placed on the end of year report.
  • Responsible for the training, and well fair of all cadets in the company.


  • Assumes the command of the company in the absence of the Company Commander.
  • Recommends job assignments and/or relief of position.
  • Responsible for the training of the two Platoon Leaders.


  • Recommends to the Company commander promotions of enlisted personnel in the company.
  • Assumes control of the company in the absence of all officers.
  • Responsible for the training of all non-commissioned officers in the company.
  • Corrects uniform violations when noted.
  • Responsible for the accountability of all cadets within the company.
  • Responsible for the forming of the company during all formations.


  • Responsible for the training, discipline of the cadets in their platoon.
  • Recommends job assignments and relief from position.
  • Communicates with the platoon sergeant for recommendations for promotions.
  • Correcting uniform violations when observed.


  • Responsible for forming the Platoon.
  • Takes charge of the platoon in the absence of the Platoon Leader.
  • Recommend job assignments and relief from job/position.
  • Responsible for the accountability of cadets in their Platoon.
  • Assists the Platoon leader in the training of the Platoon.


  • Responsible for forming the platoon in the absence of the platoon Sergeant (first Squad Leader).
  • Responsible for the discipline and appearance of their Squad.
  • Responsible for the accountability of cadets in their Squad.
  • Knowing the names of members of their Squad.
  • Recommends promotions or demotions.


  • Assists Squad Leader in the performance of his/her duties.
  • Takes charge of the Squad in the absence of the Squad Leader.


Responsible for:

  • Living to the standards set forth in the Cadet SOP. Conducting themselves to bring credit to the Corps, and the School.
  • Being on time for all formations.