Nokomis JROTC - 266 Williams Rd. - Newport, ME 04953 - Phone 207-368-4352 - Fax 207-368-3283


The Staff is made up of six people:

  • S-1 (Maintaining cadet records)
  • S-2 (Security)
  • S-3 (Operations)
  • S-4 (Supply)
  • S-5 (Public Affairs)
  • XO (Staff)

Each staff member (other than the XO) receives one assistant.

The S-1 is in charge of the maintaining of all cadet records. Before a cadet can be issued a uniform the S-1 has to put in all of the cadets paperwork.

The S-2 is in charge of security, which means that the S-2 is in charge of making sure all keys, weapons, compasses, sabers, and cameras are secured after every day.

The S-3 is in charge of operations. The S-3 makes sure places are secured for practices and training schedules are posted for the current week and the upcoming week.

The S-4 is in charge of all the supply. This includes all uniforms (coming in, going out, staying), and awards.

The S-5 is in charge of public affairs. This includes making the corp known to the public, like getting in touch with radio stations, news channels, newspapers, etc.

Basically, the staff is in charge of keeping the corp together; without the staff, the corp would fall apart.